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Design, layout and print production

d’Art Design is your one stop shop for publication production. Publications can be conventionally published through one of the many printing methods or published digitally. Digital publications with easy navigational links, can be produced as a pdf, loaded to a website or published on a DVD/CD.

With years of experience in design and layout of publication of all shapes and sizes, from simple 4 page newsletters to trade journals to 200 page plus glossy periodical magazines as well as coffee table books, our knowledge in the discipline is second to none.

d’Art Design’s complete production of a publication includes design and layout as well as print production.

Print production or pre-press knowledge, and an understanding of digital files, colour profiles, ink weights is all part of the service provided by d’Art Design.

We Developed The Publishing Portal

Necessity being the mother of invention, producing large publications where both text and images arriving via email from numerous writers was becoming complex. To streamline the process and develop a method of receiving files in an organised manner we developed The Publishing Portal.

The Publishing Portal is an online database driven portal that allows for the methodical transfer of text and images. Remotely accessed through the internet and a secure login, files can be up loaded. All publications on the Publishing Portal have their own exclusive page(s) where listed contributors are able to see work in progress in real time.

The streamlined process allows for enormous time savings as editors are able to view submitted material in one location, edit on the fly and lock stories ready for insertion into the publication.

The streamlined process is most beneficial at layout and production stage. Designers and operators can complete layouts at speed saving time, confusion and eliminating errors. In addition, the system partly prepares files by stripping away formats leaving only simple text that’s easily styled.

Like all database driven sites, there are a multitude of other resources such as search facilities, archival and customisation to reflect your masthead.

From newsletters to major publications the Publishing Portal will save you time and money.

For more detailed information on how the Publishing Portal can best benefit your publication arrange for a meeting with a d’Art Design representative.