(Digital Reports)

(Digital Reports)

Created for modern business, working in a modern world

Digital and graphic designed annual reports and prospectuses created for modern business, working in a modern world.

Printing annual reports and business prospectuses can be costly and are certainly not environmentally friendly. An ever growing number of companies are requesting d’Art Design to create interactive rich media reports on DVD/CD and the web to display their annual reports in a cost cutting and environmentally conscious way.

Whether you are looking for a flash based DVD, PDF or iPad site, the basic principles of usability and design are perfect for disseminating corporate information. Imagine, sending out your company report along with past reports on a user friendly DVD or USB stick.

In an ever changing digital world, everyone is continually becoming more and more time poor. Gone are the days when people want to know everything possible about their investments and many of your clients may choose to read or analyse select pieces of your annual report. Digital annual reports and prospectuses are perfect for the modern world, giving intuitive navigation, search functions and personalised experiences for each user.

Digital annual reports and prospectuses also allow for the inclusion of rich media reporting through the interactive CD/DVD or website. Video and audio content can be played directly to prospects, clients and shareholders, a summary of the content ‘straight from the source’.

If digital reports are not appropriate for your business, a professionally designed document can help remove the staleness which often accompanies these documents. Some of our clients even have a mini-brand just for their report publication, or customised graphics and illustrations which are created each year to emphasise a point that has been highlighted from the report itself.

Contact d’Art Design today to discuss your ideas of how to bring life to your annual report or prospectus publications or to create a new annual report in a digital format.