(Mikki Finlay Premium Residential)

“The redevelopment of the website allowed content updates anytime, anywhere. With this flexibility, content is updated with ease by the client as required”

Mikki Finlay Premium Residential

CMS - Brand and Website Redevelopment

Mikki Finlay, a Brisbane real estate agent dealing exclusively in luxury properties of 1 million dollar plus, required a considerable overhaul of her fragmented brand and an existing non functional website. It was important to address the brand and associated print collateral so that the visual could seamlessly flow onto the website.

It was imperative that a simple Content Management system (CMS) be developed to make site updates easy. It had to be simplistic to use with minimal steps to update text and images and important to safeguard the integrity of the site and the brand with the numerous content changes.

The simple, yet powerful CMS developed has saved the company considerable money and time very quickly. What previously took a day to update is now achieved in less than an hour.

The collection of aggregated statistical information was another important component. The company can present traffic statistics to various sections of the site with a simple one or two step process.

Due to the ease of use, the site is a work in progress with the company wanting to add more and more functionality to the CMS.