(Faranda Fresh)

The development of the online ordering system streamlined the ordering, dispatch and invoicing for customers and staff, freeing up time for all users.

Faranda Fresh

Online ordering system and brand development

Faranda Fresh, a supplier of fresh fruit and vegetables to the restaurant, hotel, pub and club industry required a re-brand as part of the relocation of their processing plant and expansion into new industries. A fresh feel brand was developed and carried through to the website look and feel. The company was interested in a website with a heavy database capability to streamline an antiquated ordering process that allows customers to order online.

The developed secure system allows administration to update product prices on a master product list in real time via a global mark up. Current prices are reflected on the users section of the site instantly. Flexibility within the system allows for selected discounts to nominated users and mark ups or mark downs of individual product items. Real time ability to make price changes in a fluctuating market has allowed for maximum profits.

The system also allows users to customise their section by setting up a “pantry list”. The most current ordered products appear at the top of the page for ease of reordering. An archival component allows for the storing of all orders for any future reference.

A picking list collates all orders in one total product type list for ease of bulk selecting at the markets.

Processed orders by administration are converted to invoices by a simple click and statements can be generated for given periods. No more MYOB.