(Drive In Mower Centre)

“Website traffic doubled within one week of publishing the newly developed SEO built site for Drive In Mower Centre increasing business sales immediately”

Drive In Mower Centre

SEO - Website Design and Development

Drive in Mower Centre is an inner city shop with limited display space. Although the shop has been in the same location for many years, the perception was always that of a small mower shop. The proprietor was keen to carry more stock and expand his business, although he couldn’t physically house it.

The solution: The website became the virtual warehouse.

Listed on the website is the most comprehensive range of brands and their respective garden maintenance equipment both for domestic and commercial use. Each piece of equipment listed has a detailed explanation and specifications.

The site is information rich and fully optimised for search engine results. After launching the new site, traffic doubled on a daily basis for weeks, with a huge increase in the commercial range of ride-on equipment. Enquiries have now been received from government departments, councils, golf clubs and other smaller commercial operators.

Initially to boost traffic to the site, a small Google Adword campaign was started. The campaign had to be switched off within two weeks because the number of enquiries was overwhelming and affecting Drive In Mower Centre's ability to provide a service standard. The Google Adword campaign ran in August 2010 and to date, there’s been no reason to restart it as traffic to the website is still consistently growing.

“Things are tic a dee boo, thank you very much!” said Drive In Mower Centre's owner, John.