(Clubs Qld Awards for Excellence)

What was once a paper trail, is now comprehensive database stored securely online. All information is available for viewing or download at any time, streamlining the process for all users.

Clubs Qld Awards for Excellence

Online nomination and submission system

Clubs Qld, Queensland’s clubs industry association required their members to nominate and submit entries for the annual Awards for Excellence online. The online submissions would streamline the process for both the member submitting and the evaluation committee collating the results.

The developed parameter allowed for more accurate controls in the overall process. The secure nomination component with stringent categories and cut off dates. The submission process with word limits and restricted visual material, and the ability to save part of the work and return at a later date to keep adding material until the submission deadline.

The streamlined process major benefit is at the evaluation stage. The submitted materials all follows the same layout format, can be assessed on a computed screen thus minimising paper wastage or converted to pdf and printed. An enormous amount of time is saved in the valuation process when compared to the previous method.

Some 200 club submissions, many nominating for numerous categories, generates considerable data over the period. Secure sensitive processed data is archived and protected following the awards presentations, rendering the site ready for another year’s submissions.